Helptolive registered NGO (1639/2001) started its operation way back in 1999. It is currently a small group (400+) members trying to do our best to lend a helping hand for the needy and deprived, in terms of money, materials and time. The below content lists down our activities since 1999.

Projects From Apr '15 - Mar 2018

Supporting deserving students for educations fees and tailoring training for rural women and helping them get jobs.

Projects From Apr '11 - Mar 2015

Saivite School - Providing free education to 200+ slum students.
Rural Tailoring Training Center at Arumbakkam, Tiruvallur.
Educational fees, uniform support to 15 students.

Projects From Apr '10 - Mar 2011

Six Tution centers at rural villages, reaching out to 150 students to ensure no drop-outs.
Saivite School - Providing free education to 264 slum students.
Differently Abled Center-Reaching out to around 75 disabled persons.
Educational fees, uniform support to 20 students.
Govt Childrens Hospital Employed a full time nurse in pre-natal ward.
Govt Childrens Hospital - Employed a resource to co-ordinate with EKAM to improve facilities and reduce mortality rate.
Medical support to kidney dialysis patient and an elderly couple on an ongoing basis.

Projects From Apr '09 - Mar 2010

Four Tution centers at rural villages, reaching out to 140 students to ensure no drop-outs.
Saivite School - Providing free education to 264 slum students
Differently Abled Center-Reaching out to around 125 disabled persons. 
Educational fees, uniform support to 18 students. 
Health Center - Reached out to apprx 300 rural patients. 
Govt Childrens Hospital-Employed a full time resource to co-ordinate with EKAM to improve faciltities and reduce mortality rate.  
Monthly Medical support to kidney dialysis patient, TB patient and an elderly couple.  
Support for hearing aid to 2 students

Projects From Jan '08 - Mar 2009

Continuing support to tuition centres at Thirumalayapatti, Annasamudaram, Kesanur, Palarpatti and Krishnapuram villages.
Continuing support Saivite School, Manapari Tution centre and Elavur rural health centre.
Project support to disabled was started with aim to identify and support poor disabled in villages.

Projects From Jan - Dec 2007

Initiated evening tuition centres at Thirumalayapatti, Annasamudaram, Kesanur, Palarpatti and Krishnapuram villages and provided additional coaching to close 190 students.
Supported individual students with education fees
Provided school uniform and book support to Saivite school, Arumbakkam Village school
Continued supporting Elavur health centre. The rural centre extended its services to near by villages.
Medicines were provided to Arunodayam – NGO working for mentally challenged orphans.
Kidney related medical supports were provided to 5 individuals.
Support were extended to 4 heart surgery cases.
Medical camp was conducted successfully at the Saivite School along with students of TTV School.
Other medicinal support were provided to 6 individuals.
Catamaran were procured and given to 3 deserving fishermen of Arumbakkam village.
Tailoring class fees were sponsored to 4 women in Arumbakkam village and they got job in garment factories.
Mr. Vinayagam – a differently abled person was supported for job.

Projects from May 2006 to Dec 2006

School Adoption – Saivite Middle School – Free Education provided for 264 students.
Adopted a Rural Medical Center, to provide free homeopathy treatment for poor people in and around Gummidipoondi, also to identify physically, mentally challenged students in remote village and means to rehabilitate them.
Free Computer Education for students at Manapparai.
Educational Support provided by networking with NGOs like Nethrodaya, Snegithan, Suyam Charitable Trust, Selvi Memorial Trust
Wheel Chairs provided for 10 deserving physically challenged.
Computer Donated to Nandini Voice for Deprived providing free computer education and employment opportunities for the deprived.
Provided Educational and job support to individuals
Started supporting Mazhavillu education centre in Kerala to provide non conventional educational training. Helped them in their computer room construction.
Provided school uniforms and casual dresses to students of siragu Montessori school, Taramani govt school and kesanur school.
Supported Siragu Montessori School towards teacher salaries

Projects from May 2005 to Apr 2006:

Supported Medical Expenses for a physically challenged person
Supported awareness program for visually challenged
Supported training program for teachers providing education for deprived students
Supported medical expenses for 2 heart patients
Educational Support provided for 10 students referred by Snegithan
Educational Support provided for College student referred by Netrodaya
Educational Support provided for a poor college student.
Educational Support provided for 3 students at Siragu School
Wheel Chair provided for 2 deserving physically challenged.
Psychiatry Medicines provided for Arunodayam, institution supporting mentally challenged orphans.
Medical Support provided for a physically challenged
Sponsored Educational Tour for Visually Challenged Students at Netrodaya
Supported School Construction Work for Suyam
Supported basic food materials for Flood victims at Ennore
Supported Kidney Transplant operation for a college student
Supported Tricycle for a deserving physically challenged
Supported setup of library for government school
Supported self-employment opportunity for a poor deprived lady
Supported Career Awareness program for visually challenged
Supported Awareness-Counselling program for physically challenged
Supported government school with basic infrastructure
Support provided for vitamin tablets for poor village students
Supported Program on RIGHTS FOR DISABLED
Supported Operational Expenses for poor young girl
Supported medical operational expenses for Prabhakar.
Networked with a corporate to start self-employment training program for deprived women in a remote village.
Networked with a corporate to support deserving organizations (Suyam, Arunodayam, Nandini Voice for Deprived) for various needs.
Initiated the MVP (Moral Value Program). This is an ongoing program initiated to emphasize the importance of moral values to children of various groups through fun and games.

Work Done towards Tsunami Relief

Initial days when Tsunami hit, we were yet to realize the impact and the very next day we understood what a havoc it had created. Being based at Chennai, first action plan was to provide relief work at Chennai. But we found that relief was pouring in and had reached Chennai and its outskirts.
We immediately planned to reach places which was not reached and headed to remote areas of Cuddalore and Nagai and distributed basic relief material, dry ration, sleeping mat, edibles, water, medicines.
During our visit we found that relief was pouring and it was more centric towards the district main areas and it was not reaching the right people. We got in touch with the Govt Relief Commissioners and with their co-operation developed a central repository system at Chennai, Central godown from where relief material gets distributed to districts. Since then, daily the inventory was faxed to collectors from Relief Commissioners Officers and based on their requirement, relief material was sent from central godown.
As a next step, we worked with Suyam, an organisation we have been supporting for past 3 years, they stationed a team at Nagai, Akkarpettai panchayat and established a common kitchen. We provided them with another 2 tonnes of rice for this common kitchen. As schools reopened in this area last week, we provided support for 500 school bags for the children in this panchayat.
We Supported the common kitchen program at Akkarpettai in terms of providing provisions for 3 months.
We started a tution centre for Xth corporation school students for 3 months to handle board exam.
We supported basic infrastructure for corporation school at Akkarpettai.
We provided educational support to college and school students at Akkarpettai.

Projects from May 2004 to Apr 2005

Uniforms and books provided for 3 students at Balagurukulam.
Uniforms and books provided for 10 students at Suyam School.
Educational support provided for 3 students referred by Kaingkarya.
Educational support provided for 3 students referred by Nethrodaya.
Educational support provided for 3 students referred by Balagurukulam.
Educational support provided for 8 students referred by Snegithan.
Monthly Support provided to Snegithan, an institution catering to the need of poor physically challenged people.
Monthly support provided to run computer classes held at Royapuram Juvenile Home.
Monthly support provided to Suyam Trust school, working towards elimination/rehabilitation of child workers.
Support provided for teachers training program and an event organised to support visually handicapped people.
General Medical Camp organised for people at Arumbakkam, a remote Village.
Eye Camp organised for people at Arumbakkam Village and spectacles distributed.
5 patients from Arumbakkam village, needed additional treatment and medical support was provided.
A deserving physically challenged person was supported for his and his new born kids medical expenses.
Medical Support provided for 2 deserving childrens heart treatment.

We also had a tie-up with I-volunteer and we encourage volunteers to spend time over the weekends or once in a month/week for taking classes, documentation, expert guidance, site visits, etc.

Projects from Mar 2003 to Apr 2004

Educational Support to organizations like Kaingkarya, Nethrodaya, Suyam Charitable trust, Balagurukulam, Snegithan.

Projects from Jan 2002 to Mar 2003

Tution Center at Royapuram Juvenile Home
Vocational Training Centre for Deprived Women
Resource Centre for the Physically Handicapped
Tution Center at Corporation Schools for the deprived children.
Tution Center at Chengalpattu Juvenile Home
Providing grocery to two orphanages monthly.
Sponsoring 2 mentally challenged students for Education monthly.
Sponsoring medicines for Destitute home
Helping Individuals for employment / Medical expenses

Projects from 1999 - 2001

Projects varied from sponsoring children for education in slums, getting educational materials for poor schools, educational tour for child laborers , collecting old clothes, donating tailoring machines, supporting mentally retarded institutions, helping orphanages, lot of volunteering effort trying to understand the different faces of organizations and help provided. From there on we got registered in 2001 and started streamlining activities. Initiated Corporate Social Responsibility.

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